Sherry :: Pingyao, China :: 13.4.2008 09:33 
is good !!!!

Will Nagy :: 120 Broadway :: 23.8.2007 22:31 
Hey Patrick! Thought I'd look you up and sure enough found your website. Great job! You should remember me, I worked on student films with you at NYFA. Drop me a line at this email and we'll catch up. Hope all is well old friend! Will

Peter Windhofer :: Salt Lake City :: 12.4.2007 10:27 
It's been great working with you. Writing with you makes everything a lot easier.Let's rock the next projects!

Dimitra M. :: Athens :: 13.3.2007 09:26 
Sinxaritiria gia ola petuxes eos tora. Eisai enas kalos anthropos kai filos kai sou aksizi to kalutero stin zoi. Tha ta poume suntoma!

Christian Dimt :: Austria :: 8.11.2006 10:42 
Best regards from the BATACM Crane&WiredCamera Crew! who loved to work with you in the past but even more in the future.

Nina Wlk-Heisig :: Vienna :: 7.11.2006 14:31 
Congratulations! your website is inspiring and your projects make me wanna travel...

Teresa Faudon :: New York :: 19.10.2006 17:14 
Love the site, love the commercials, keep up the good work!

Joachim Hausleitner :: Vienna :: 8.9.2006 12:38 
Beautiful Site! Hope to see you soon and looking forward to working with you again. All the best, Jogl

Werner Ferstl :: Graz, Austria :: 9.8.2006 21:03 
Hi Patrick ! Perfect site. All the best from Graz. Werner

Curt Faudon :: New York :: 7.8.2006 22:09 
Good Stuff! To many more coproducing days and experiences. Dad

Stephan Mussil :: :: 5.8.2006 10:15 
Patrick! Loved working with you, and I hope to do so again in the near future! Stephan ps: I like your web site.