Mainau - The dream of an earthly paradise

The artist Stefan Szczesny has transformed the island of Mainau on Lake Constance into a paradise on earth. His art forms a unique symbioses with the grandiose and beautiful botanic of the island.

A Tradewind Pictures & Faudon Movies Production
Directed by Curt Faudon


Cyborg Syndicate – SCREW CREW

This brand new 3D animated series designed by renowned artist Christian Haas takes every-day situations and transfers them into a far away galaxy inhabited by robots. Watching them deal with problems we know all too well from our own experience guarantees an exciting animated joyride.

Written by Patrick Faudon & Peter Windhofer
A Tradewind Pictures Production


Regarding Stones tells the story of a man who is convinced he has lost the ability to experience love when he gave away the last of his “soul stones” which in his eyes build the riverbed of ones soul. By doing so he discovers that memories come in different categories. He now draws the line between memories which are linked to an emotion and just remembering things. Holding on to these memories he tries to retrieve the last stone he gave away. While doing so he becomes confronted with his past. On his quest to find new memories he discovers that a riverbank is the product of the stream it houses.

Feature film in preproduction – screenplay by Patrick Faudon


Feature-Documentary on Elvira Bach, her work and her philosophy. To be shot on original locations in Senegal, Cuba, Saint Tropez, Berlin and somewhere in the Alps.

Written and directed by Curt Faudon.
A Tradewind Pictures & Faudon Movies Production

SZCZESNY- Motion Picture Book

Four years after ”Szczesny the film” premiered at the film festival in Cannes, the production on the sequel started in may 2006. Director Curt Faudon will cover Szczesny's work in New York, Miami, Saint Tropez and the Island of Mainau.

Written and directed by Curt Faudon.
A Tradewind Pictures & Faudon Movies Production


In Marcel’s eyes he was born in a displaced generation he has difficulties to understand, a generation where all the daily routines and activities seem not to be done for any specific reason. With love for a girl who seems to know all the right questions for the answers he was born with, he finds a meaning in his pursuit for sense in his existence. Love is the entrance fee for the ultimate joyride – life itself.

Feature film in preproduction - screenplay by Patrick Faudon